Quantrend Technology (Quantrend) is a quantitative trading firm in the cryptocurrency space. Quantrend’s quantitative strategies apply modern deep learning AI technology to generate consistent alpha with low decay.

Who We Are

AI Quantitative Trading, Redefined

Quantrend Technology is founded with vision to maximize returns for clients under each client's risk budget.

Quantrend Technology empowers the paradigm shift from traditional quant to AI quant by modern deep learning approaches.

At Quantrend

The company honors contributions for trading strategy developers by allocating a lucrative percentage of annual profits to highly performant staffs.

It acts like running your own startup where the profits are directly associated with your efforts.


Talented Scientists

Scientists in Quantrend are from top universities worldwide and dedicate to developing machine learning-based investment strategies for high-frequency trading and CTA.

Powerful Engineering

Our experienced engineers develop a reliable and high-efficient trading system to achieve targeted and analytical performance of HFT and CTA strategies.

Transformative Data Science

To be the top player in the market, we develop market-leading trading strategies on various information sources, including cryptocurrency, financial markets, news, and Twitter.


MSB(Money Services Business)

license (registration number: 31000232553482)

What is the MSB?

Money Services Business (the “MSB”) License is a financial license regulated and issued by Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (the “FinCEN”), which is a license applicable throughout the states. Mostly, the applicants of the MSB License are the operators of the money services businesses, including international payments, foreign exchange, currencies exchange, ICO issues etc.

What does the MSB represent?

MSB License is necessary for money services businesses operators to operate in the United States. For legal compliance purpose, the operator of the businesses of money order, traveler’s checks, money transmission, check cashing etc., shall all apply for the MSB License. Obtaining a MSB License represents that the business operator is willing to comply with the AML and CFT regulations of the FinCEN.

Why we apply for MSB?

We apply MSB to demonstrate that we are willing to comply with the relevant regulations and will operate our business legally. As a commitment to our users, we hope obtaining the MSB License assists in strengthening the user’s trust and confidence to the services we provided. To promote our business to the worldwide, we believe that the registration of the MSC License is the foundation.