Trading Team-Quantitative Researcher / Trader

Quantitative Algorithmic Trading Team
WHO WE ARE Quantrend Technology focuses on building financial trading strategies across a variety of asset classes and global markets.We empower the paradigm shift from traditional quant to AI quant by using modern end-to-end deep learning models.

The difference between traditional approaches and our proprietary solution is that our models can automatically extract robust and high-quality trading signals (Alphas), but traditional hand-crafted approaches often fail to do so.

We are a performance-driven company, seeking agile and talented people to join our team.Our working environment is relaxed yet intellectually intense.

If you are a tech-savvy individual who enjoys the challenges of solving difficult technical problems in a fast-paced, energetic environment, then this is the role for you.
We value the contributions of trading strategy developers and offer lucrative dividends and annual bonuses to high-performance employees.
  1. End-to-end research and development, including alpha idea generation, data processing, strategy backtesting, optimization, and production implementation.

  2. Perform rigorous and innovative research to discover systematic anomalies in the market.

  3. Identify and evaluate new datasets for alpha generation.

  4. Collaborate with machine learning alpha research and engineering teams to generate practical trading signals.

  5. Conduct quantitative research independently including market data analysis, prototyping, backtesting, strategy parameters tuning and performance monitoring.

  6. Design and maintain trading models and strategies framework with backend engineer team.Trading models and strategies execution implementation and market monitoring.

  7. Maintain and improve the portfolio trading in the production environment.
  1. Degree in mathematics, physics, computer science, finance, business school or with other quantitative related experience.

  2. Interest in quantitative research and statistical evidence-driven decision making.

  3. Experienced in trading crypto, equity, FX, option or futures will be a plus.

  4. Programming skill in Python is a must, experience with C++ or Rust is a plus

  5. Strong analytical and quantitative skills are a must.

  6. Ability in development of trading models or strategies independently.

  7. Demonstrated ability to conduct independent research on alpha factors.

  8. Ability to design and figure out innovative alternative alpha factors as trading signals.
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