Work at Quantrend

Work at Quantrend

Work at Quantrend

Work at Quantrend

The company honors contributions for trading strategy developers by allocating a lucrative percentage of annual profits to highly performant staffs. It acts like running your own startup where the profits are directly associated with your efforts.


  • Courage

    We have the courage to continuously try novel approaches to solving old problems. We reward those who take bold steps and make difficult decisions.


    We value the contributions of all developers who contribute to the team and services and offer lucrative dividends and annual bonuses to high-performance employees.

    Enjoys Challenge

    If you are a tech-savvy individual who enjoys the challenges of solving difficult technical problems in a fast-paced, energetic environment, then this is the role for you.

  • Life at Quantrend is extraordinary:

    Birthday Cash Gift
    Holiday Bonus
    Year-End Bonus
    Annual Leave
    Dinner gathering

  • Perks that make it easier to focus on the work.We expect our staff to perform at a high level at all times. Which is why we’ve created a work environment with amenities to fuel it:

    Delicious Lunch
    Coffee Free
    Dinner Gathering
    Daily Lunch Meal Served

Our Focus

Financial Technology

Financial Technology refers to technologies built for the improvement and automation of traditional financial products and services.

IT Infrastructure

We use machine learning technology and the most advanced programming languages - Rust to build world class trading system.

Digital Assets

Exist in digital formats and can be uniquely identified so that they come with the right to use.

Data Science

  • Data Analytics
    It is where everything begins. Data constantly collected from exchanges and social media are processed and used by automated strategies.
  • Mathematical Modelling
    Quantrend’s researchers have developed sophisticated models that describe markets trend. These models are flexible enough to adopt any market situation. By working together with traders and researchers, we continuously find new solutions for market prediction.
  • Machine Learning
    Machine learning is a tool heavily used within Quantrend to predict how the market might perform in the future. Our researchers use machine learning techniques to find orders in chaos and improve our model prediction accuracy.
  • Infrastructure & Pipeline
    Without Quantrend’s engineers, none of our data science activities would exist. Our engineers are dedicated to building a stable and fast pipeline for gathering terabytes of data and trading.